A key part of the project is students at tertiary level institutions.  The students at SHJC so far have been the leaders in implementing this project.  Through their hard work all participating schools now have websites, official email addresses for all staff, an online office suite and a teacher grade sheet application.

To continue with the project we hope to invite the students from the University of Belize and the 12 other tertiary level institution students to participate as leaders.  This is the only feasible way to deploy the project to the whole country.

Bellow are the SHJC student leaders and the schools they are working with:

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Student NameStudent ContactPartner SchoolYear
Student NameStudent ContactPartner SchoolYear
Yaritza Salas salasy@shc.edu.bz Bishop Martin R.C.S. January - June 2011 
Abnir Tut tuta@shc.edu.bz Cristo Rey R.C.S. January - June 2011 
Jared Bradley jard-91_bassplayer@live.com Sacred Heart R.C.S. January - June 2011 
Sergio Castañeda castanes@shc.edu.bz Saint Andrews Anglican School January - June 2011 
Luis Castellanos mikey_castellanos@hotmail.com Mount Carmel R.C.S. January - June 2011 
Scott Cheveria dk_chev@yahoo.com Santa Elena R.C.S. January - June 2011 
Edmund Ciego Jr. edmund.ciego@yahoo.com Los Tambos Government School January - June 2011 
Jovani Grajalez dragonbird_03@hotmail.com Sacred Heart R.C.S. January - June 2011 
Emiliano Lozano lozanoe@shc.edu.bz Holy Cross R.C.S. January - June 2011 
Julio Medina medina30_jr@hotmail.com Immaculate Conception R.C.S. January - June 2011 
Lorena Melgar chiquitalor@gmail.com La Inmaculada R.C.S. January - June 2011 
Charley Molina chrlymln@yahoo.com Saint Joseph R.C.S. January - June 2011 
Marco Sanchez marco.sanchez63@yahoo.com Santa Familia R.C.S. January - June 2011 
Byron Sierra basbol_7@hotmail.com Arms of Love January - June 2011 
Helmut Velasquez hvmito@yahoo.com Victorious Nazarene School January - June 2011 
Daniel Young youngb@shjc.edu.bz Howard Smith Nazarene School January - June 2011 
Showing 16 items