Primary Wireless Web Labs

Primary:  All 294 Primary Schools in Belize.

Wireless:  Wireless CDMA routers for Internet Connections.  Wireless WiFi routers for Local Area Networks.

Web:  Cloud based web applications using Google Apps for Education.

Labs:  Traditional computer labs or any classroom with WiFi accesses and laptop computers.


Online Schools

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The aim of this project is to implement low cost, Internet connected, computer systems for all primary school teachers and students in Belize.  


School principals, teachers and computer students are empowered to lead this project.  

Documents, procedures, and training are provided on how to obtain Internet connections, acquire netbook computers and implement web based information systems.  

WHEN:        NOW!

Contact Us: 
+(501) 621 7534 (Alberto Matus)
+(501) 824-2102 (Sacred Heart College)